International Startup Fellowship (ISF) Program

If you are an international startup looking to set up base in or expand into North America (either US or Canada), you must consider our International Startup Fellowship (ISF) Program. We welcome every business founder across cultures and borders. We have worked with participants across different countries and cultures.


We provide one-stop shop solutions including resources, mentorship, networking, and business matchmaking to overcome challenges with international expansion of your business. Immigrants ourselves, we have been in your shoes and understand the difficulties it entails.


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Application Process

Prospective applicants should demonstrate early technology validation and/or customer traction and must be ready to provide detailed information regarding the potential viability of their business venture in North America and/or internationally. The proposed business must have access to sufficient working capital to meet its initial needs.

Application process starts with applicants submitting the application form. If applicants successfully pass this initial stage, a thorough due diligence consideration of the applicants, their proposed business and business plan is required before formal acceptance by G220 Univentures.
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Alpha Program

No matter what stage you are at, we provide comprehensive resources, combined with regional knowledge and international experience. Technology-enabled businesses will receive foundational business training, access to experts, networking, mentorship, pathfinding to growth capital, and ongoing entrepreneur-in-resident support.

Investments & Partnerships

We provide access to early and mid-stage capital, investors committed to supporting international founders, and partners that can support the growth of these startup companies through their products and services.

A culture based on collaboration

Are you a registered incubator, accelerator, angel, VC or immigration law firm? We can help identify, qualify and guide your portfolio companies to expand into the North American market. Connect with us today.


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