AVA Program: Propel Track

We don't believe in one size fits all approach
The 'Propel' track of our Alianza Virtual Accelerator (AVA) Program is intended for post-MVP (or post-revenue) stage companies which need help scaling and raising further investment. If you have paying customers, the Propel Track is an ideal program. We customize our approach for each startup in the cohort.


Propel Track OveRview

Week: 1 - 2

Induction and Meet Mentors: Introduce your companies and meet mentors. Workshops, Ask Me Anything (AMA), and 1:1 sessions.
Feedback: Receive comments on your Business Model, Pricing Strategy, GTM Strategy, etc
Program Plan: We understand each startup is different and at a different stage with different skillset. We work together to plan out a plan for the rest of the program on how you get the most value out of it.

Week: 3 - 4

  • Fundraising Strategy: Preparing Startups for a fundraising round, data room dynamics, due diligence, etc. Learn about all the important KPIs and metrics such as TAM, SAM, SOM, LTV:CAC, etc

  • Cap Table: Learn more about Cap Table, Equity Dilution, and Term Sheets, etc. Investor Negotiation without giving away too much equity.
  • Week: 5-7

    Competition: Learn about competitive landscape, how to beat competition. What is Blue Ocean Strategy.

    Scaling: How to scale from $100k to $10Mn, Growth Strategy, How to build Sales Team, and Employee Management (Hiring & Firing with Employee Option Pool)

    Week: 8 - 10

    Financial Modeling, Valuation, M&A and Exit: Most startups grow big and get acquired or goes public. Learn the basics of what it entails and how to be prepared.

    Pitch Practice and Demo Day Preparation: As part of this program, your company will be showcased to more than 100+ investors in our network. Be prepared to pitch to them and increase your chances of fundraising successfully.

    Post Graduation Support

    PRO TIP: Each startup in our cohort will have the opportunity to receive funding from our in-house VC fund, Quasar Ventures. We also provide 12 months support post graduation to hand hold you and assist you with fundraising and introductions to other investors in our network.

    Continued on-demand help will be provided from the AVA Program team and mentors, as well as a never-ending journey as a part of the G220 alumni community will follow.